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5 Questions with Julia Oswald

Julia and I met at the fifteen seconds festival in Graz and have been in touch ever since. She immediately made an impression on me with her kind and open-minded heart. After listening to her great podcast, I asked her to be on Femfluencer. Check out her wonderful interview!


5 Questions with Iris Stromberger

Iris and I met at diverse networking events in Vienna and are both proudly Sorority sisters. Over time, we became close friends who shared similar life changes and became allies in our blogging projects and fighting the patriarchy. She is a real inspiration to me – check out what she has to say about feminism and sustainability!


Feminism & Art โ€“ how Intakt is impacting the Viennese Art Scene.

This article should be all about art and feminism, yet it is also about solidarity and empowerment. I was invited to the vernissage of Intaktโ€™s current โ€œSisterhoodโ€ exhibition in Vienna and will herewith share my experience and impressions. To start off, I wouldnโ€™t describe myself as an artist, but so I am โ€“ creating texts,… Continue reading Feminism & Art โ€“ how Intakt is impacting the Viennese Art Scene.

A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.

Gloria Steinem

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