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5 Questions with Julia Oswald

Name: Julia Oswald
Age: 35
Position: Teacher/Podcaster

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Describe yourself:

I am an extroverted, adventure-loving world traveller, always up for a party, coffee junkie (of course organic with oat milk 😉), mum of two, teacher turned podcaster, feminist, Christian, avid reader and a cheerleader for women and girls to pursue their dreams.

1) What is your current goal in life and why?

My current goal in life is to have some kind of balance (is there even such a thing as a balanced life?). I have two young daughters and I want to be very present in their everyday lives. They will only be little for so much longer and I want to be there to witness it all. However, I also have dreams and goals besides my family that I passionately want to pursue. So, finding the right balance or knowing when is the perfect timing or right season, is what has quite literally kept me awake at night.

2) My life motto is…

Let all that you do be done with love.

3) Feminism for me is…

To quote Gloria Steinem: ”a feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.” Women make up more than 50% of the world population and yet in too many countries of this world girls and women are still being denied access to education, the right to vote, to drive, to own land, to freely choose whom to marry… to me this is an absolute tragedy and we have still a lot of work to do. Feminism cannot just be a woman’s issue. We need a bigger alley, and we need men who consider themselves feminists and rally beside us for a more equal future.

4) What would I recommend my younger self?

I would tell myself to stop overthinking so much and just go for it. Stop being such a people pleaser. You can be a nice person and still say no.

5) In your opinion: how can we make female entrepreneurs more visible? What kind of support is required to increase the number of female founders?

There are many ways we can support female founders and make them more visible. One way would be to feature them more in the media. Yes, there are still more male founders in the start-up scene, but there are more and more amazing women founding or co-founding start-ups or running businesses and this trend is most definitely upwards. Actually, this was the number one reason for me to start my podcast Lunch Break Stories – I wanted to promote female founders and give them a stage (or a microphone 😉). Women already have a voice, but they need to be more amplified. Supporting women businesses is actually quite simple. Buy from women-owned businesses. Invest in women-owned businesses. Promote them on social media and tell your friends about them.

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