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Feminism & Art – how Intakt is impacting the Viennese Art Scene.

This article should be all about art and feminism, yet it is also about solidarity and empowerment. I was invited to the vernissage of Intakt’s current “Sisterhood” exhibition in Vienna and will herewith share my experience and impressions. To start off, I wouldn’t describe myself as an artist, but so I am – creating texts,… Continue reading Feminism & Art – how Intakt is impacting the Viennese Art Scene.

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To my queer friends.

Pride month is just around the corner, and it becomes more crucial than ever to show solidarity with our queer fellow people. Last year, I have talked about the general importance of pride month (read it  here), however, this year I would like to stress on solidarity, togetherness and how the acceptance as well as… Continue reading To my queer friends.

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Promising young generation.

Recently I watched the film “Promising young woman” which made me realise a lot about our social behaviour towards sexual violence and harassment when coming-of-age. To recap, the movie is about Cassie, a woman in her 20s, whose friend killed herself after being sexually abused at college and blamed for all the wrong doing that… Continue reading Promising young generation.

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Show some solidarity, sister!

Today’s blog post is dedicated to the thing we women lack most: our bond. Or rather, solidarity among each other. Of course, women definitely have the most intense friendships there are, always listening, taking care of each other and supporting one another. At least most of us. However, professional-wise, this is not always the case.… Continue reading Show some solidarity, sister!

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Love is Love and other reasons, why we still need Pride Month.

This article is probably one of the most difficult ones that I wrote so far. As a cis, straight (white) woman, I am not even close to know what it must feel like to live in this world as someone associated with the LGBTQ+ community. I have no idea of the struggles, the feelings, the… Continue reading Love is Love and other reasons, why we still need Pride Month.

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Lots of Self-Love.

It’s #masturbationmay and we can’t let this month pass without talking about our favourite thing in the world: loving ourselves. Masturbation is still linked to many prejudices and taboos, however, we are here to change this 😉 Lean back and enjoy this self-loving article – and perhaps yourself afterwards. Normalise masturbation Although we view ourselves… Continue reading Lots of Self-Love.

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Make feminism a threat again.

This article is a painful reminder that we live in 2021 and still cannot guarantee equal rights to every breathing soul on this planet. Although feminism seems to be a part of our daily life, the contrary is the case as we can see in current management boards, parliaments or the high number of femicides… Continue reading Make feminism a threat again.

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No body, no crime.

I want to take the opportunity today to talk about our understanding of „beauty“, beauty standards and how this all influences our daily lives. The beauty concept is a billion dollar industry making money with our self-doubts and body “flaws” everyday. We are all aware of the struggle. We know that beauty standards are unrealistic… Continue reading No body, no crime.

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How to be a boss babe.

Feminism today rather seems like a trend and not a life style choice. While most people nowadays believe that gender equality is achieved and a given (so not true!), we can clearly see in our everyday lives that this is not the case. One example is the low number of females in leading positions worldwide;… Continue reading How to be a boss babe.