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To my queer friends.

Pride month is just around the corner, and it becomes more crucial than ever to show solidarity with our queer fellow people. Last year, I have talked about the general importance of pride month (read it  here), however, this year I would like to stress on solidarity, togetherness and how the acceptance as well as… Continue reading To my queer friends.

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Letter 3: Post-Lockdown Symptoms, Anxiety, Drowning

Letters is my first fictional series. It is about Amber, a 20-something who gets back in touch with her old best friend from High School. She reflects on her life with him, past and present, and talks a lot about feelings we can all relate to.

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Why therapy is not a bad word.

Today I would like to talk about therapy: why it is not shameful, why it should be made affordable and why everyone is in need of a little session now and then. Therapy can be a wonderful opportunity to get to know yourself better, and a horrible one if you talk to the wrong person.… Continue reading Why therapy is not a bad word.

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Love is Love and other reasons, why we still need Pride Month.

This article is probably one of the most difficult ones that I wrote so far. As a cis, straight (white) woman, I am not even close to know what it must feel like to live in this world as someone associated with the LGBTQ+ community. I have no idea of the struggles, the feelings, the… Continue reading Love is Love and other reasons, why we still need Pride Month.

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Lots of Self-Love.

It’s #masturbationmay and we can’t let this month pass without talking about our favourite thing in the world: loving ourselves. Masturbation is still linked to many prejudices and taboos, however, we are here to change this 😉 Lean back and enjoy this self-loving article – and perhaps yourself afterwards. Normalise masturbation Although we view ourselves… Continue reading Lots of Self-Love.

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How to be single.

In a society which still defines a woman’s success based on her relationship status, being single (especially for a longer period of time) can be tough, rebellious even, particularly in times when any kind of human touch might be difficult to obtain. Let me give you an insight why being single, also in current times,… Continue reading How to be single.