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Feminism & Art – how Intakt is impacting the Viennese Art Scene.

This article should be all about art and feminism, yet it is also about solidarity and empowerment. I was invited to the vernissage of Intakt’s current “Sisterhood” exhibition in Vienna and will herewith share my experience and impressions. To start off, I wouldn’t describe myself as an artist, but so I am – creating texts,… Continue reading Feminism & Art – how Intakt is impacting the Viennese Art Scene.

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Why therapy is not a bad word.

Today I would like to talk about therapy: why it is not shameful, why it should be made affordable and why everyone is in need of a little session now and then. Therapy can be a wonderful opportunity to get to know yourself better, and a horrible one if you talk to the wrong person.… Continue reading Why therapy is not a bad word.

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The story behind femtales.

This blog post is basically my story and how it turned into femtales. Enjoy the reading 😉 Hi there, my name is Kerstin. I am a 29 year old woman who originates from Germany, but is now living in Vienna. I have come a long way from being the rather quiet girl from next door,… Continue reading The story behind femtales.

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Put on your dancing shoes.

I have been dancing since I was a little girl and thus, dancing draws through my entire life like a red line. It taught me to be self-confident, mindful towards my body and how to have a healthy relationship with myself. I hope the following lines convince you to do some dancing on your own… Continue reading Put on your dancing shoes.