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Why therapy is not a bad word.

Today I would like to talk about therapy: why it is not shameful, why it should be made affordable and why everyone is in need of a little session now and then. Therapy can be a wonderful opportunity to get to know yourself better, and a horrible one if you talk to the wrong person.… Continue reading Why therapy is not a bad word.

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How it feels to get lost – a wanderer’s tale.

There comes a time in life, when your home is just not enough anymore. At least this was the case for me. There was an inner compass directing me far, far away. It pondered in me for a while, for years. I could never imagine leaving home, yet this feeling has always been there, in… Continue reading How it feels to get lost – a wanderer’s tale.

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The story behind femtales.

This blog post is basically my story and how it turned into femtales. Enjoy the reading 😉 Hi there, my name is Kerstin. I am a 29 year old woman who originates from Germany, but is now living in Vienna. I have come a long way from being the rather quiet girl from next door,… Continue reading The story behind femtales.

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Lots of Self-Love.

It’s #masturbationmay and we can’t let this month pass without talking about our favourite thing in the world: loving ourselves. Masturbation is still linked to many prejudices and taboos, however, we are here to change this 😉 Lean back and enjoy this self-loving article – and perhaps yourself afterwards. Normalise masturbation Although we view ourselves… Continue reading Lots of Self-Love.

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No body, no crime.

I want to take the opportunity today to talk about our understanding of „beauty“, beauty standards and how this all influences our daily lives. The beauty concept is a billion dollar industry making money with our self-doubts and body “flaws” everyday. We are all aware of the struggle. We know that beauty standards are unrealistic… Continue reading No body, no crime.

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How to be a boss babe.

Feminism today rather seems like a trend and not a life style choice. While most people nowadays believe that gender equality is achieved and a given (so not true!), we can clearly see in our everyday lives that this is not the case. One example is the low number of females in leading positions worldwide;… Continue reading How to be a boss babe.

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Put on your dancing shoes.

I have been dancing since I was a little girl and thus, dancing draws through my entire life like a red line. It taught me to be self-confident, mindful towards my body and how to have a healthy relationship with myself. I hope the following lines convince you to do some dancing on your own… Continue reading Put on your dancing shoes.