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Feminism & Art – how Intakt is impacting the Viennese Art Scene.

This article should be all about art and feminism, yet it is also about solidarity and empowerment. I was invited to the vernissage of Intakt’s current “Sisterhood” exhibition in Vienna and will herewith share my experience and impressions.

To start off, I wouldn’t describe myself as an artist, but so I am – creating texts, creating content, creating articles and hence words that reach people all around the world, from Ecuador to Australia. So why do I make myself small? Why don’t I take my work serious? This is a phenomenon that I observe in many women that cross my path. We tend to make ourselves smaller than we actually are. Imposter syndrome. We don’t dare to dream big, to take in room. Instead, we are ashamed of our success and talent. We definitely shouldn’t be though – we are exactly what this world needs. Especially us artistic women. Especially the ones creating art and sharing it with the world.

What is Intakt?

For centuries, male artists dominated the arts worldwide, while at the same time there were so many wonderful and talented female artists ignored and neglected. This is something the female art network Intakt (Internationale Aktionsgemeinschaft bildender Künstlerinnen) aims to change. Founded in 1977, the network is dedicated to make female artists be seen and heard, to give them a voice as well as lots of room to take in and present their art work. I love that idea. Intakt represents a cross-generational organisation with women of all ages, shapes and origins.

A glimpse of the exhibition

© Theresa Wey

Their current exhibition “Sisterhood” (27.05 – 08.07.2022) at Michael Bella Gallery in Vienna is the product of the collaboration of 15 Intakt members that underline the importance of female togetherness. “Sisterhood” talks about sorority, motherhood, friendship, Intakt and representation; about women that make a small and a big difference in this world. The exhibition centres paintings by women about women and stresses on the importance of women supporting one another. “Sisterhood” turns away from the typical male gaze and puts women in the spotlight for mutual empowerment and learning opportunities.

On the day of the exhibition’s vernissage, the gallery was crowded with many people admiring the paintings and crafts. I especially loved the colours and shapes of the paintings; the diversity of the presented art. The paintings were telling so much. Besides, they invited the observer to express solidarity; to support and empower one another, to connect and be better together. Because feminism needs sisterhood. And it’s about time for women everywhere to shine.

A huge thank you goes out to Paula Marschalek, the PR agent of Intakt, who kindly invited me to this special occasion. I enjoyed the networking and diverse stories of the artists explaining their work very much. If you have the chance, I highly recommend you to visit the exhibition and experience sisterhood yourself – literally.

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