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5 Questions with Iris Stromberger

Name: Iris Stromberger
Age: 27
Position: Marketing Manager 

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Describe yourself:

After growing up in Styria, Austria, I studied business administration as well as project management and organisation in Vienna. I made my first work experiences in marketing at different NGOs. As I constantly was told by people whose opinions mattered most to me, that it would never be possible to live a good life while working at an NGO – as the most important thing for your happiness is money – I tried jobs in the construction industry as well as in IT consulting, but I always felt off being at work. I read a lot of books on personal development and joined the group coaching programme “Expedition Y” by Lisa Kögler, which led to me finally trusting my gut enough to go back to working in marketing at an NGO. Since then I have lived happily ever after.

I started my own blog at the end of last year, as I started to connect with other awesome women* that inspired me to do what I truly want: share my learnings with people that may be struggling with similar issues. I have a passion for volunteering for causes I believe in. It is proven that giving makes us even happier than receiving. Currently, I am participating in a 2,5 year training programme to become a life and social counsellor, which further enlarges my horizon with every topic we learn about and love to share my realisations on Instagram.

1) What is your current goal in life and why?

Now that I have entered my late twenties, I can slowly feel that I have figured out some things in my life that used to be huge questionmarks for me. In 2021, I moved twice, had three different jobs, ended relationships that were dragging me down and had the mind-blowing realisation that I can and deserve to achieve what I wish for. As we all only have one life, it is essential to be aware about how you want to spend it. Obviously, I still keep evolving. But slowing down and being present in the moments of the life I created feels most important right now.

My goal is to find balance in my newly built system as well as to inspire people through my writing to go and find out what way of living works best for them.

2) My life motto is…

I actually have two mottos:

If it makes you happy, it does not have to make sense to other people! You do not need external approval for your own decisions.

Stop waiting for achievements in the future after which you can start being happy and satisfied. Life is an ongoing process and there will always be new challenges coming up. The art is to know your goals and values for the long term, while making the best out of each day and being present.

3) Feminism for me is…

… the nonviolent fight for a world in which all of us give and experience respect and appreciation. This includes equality among people, mindful interaction with animals and the world around us, as well as conscious consumption. Everything is connected, even if we like to forget about this.

4) What would I recommend my younger self?

Stop giving a damn about whether others like you or not. The only person who has to like you is yourself. So do not be scared but rather curious about who you truly are, what you desire and what your values in life are. 

That does not mean that you should not be kind or friendly. Treat everyone and everything with the same respect you want to be treated while setting personal boundaries for your own well-being. Only if your glass is full, you can help others. 

And: do not believe people when they try to tell you what you can or cannot do!

5) What is the link between sustainability and feminism, and why is the combination of both so remarkable?

The social construct that is targeted by feminism is the patriarchy. The patriarchy harms not only all of us humans. It also dramatically endangers the environment, when we act as if we could exploit our earth without thinking about any consequences.

The greed for money as highest value in our society is toxic on every level. We contribute to excessive consumption in any kind to distract us from our guilt or to deal with your insecurities – consumption triggers a dopamine (the happiness hormone) rush, which is why we enjoy it so much. This dynamic leads to enormous emissions and waste of resources. When we start living a conscious life, we have to define respect and appreciation as our core values. We need to pay attention to where we can integrate more thoughtfulness.

Easy and quick first steps for you could be to donate to NGOs, sign petitions, and become truly aware of your daily consumption habits.

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